There is a classic poem “The  Old Year” by John Clare which seemed quite fitting for this New Year’s Eve post.


The Old Printer Day
by Prints Clear

The Old Bot’s gone away
To nothingness and blight:
It does not work all the day
Nor heat its bed by night:
It has no stepstick, heat or fan
Either in skein or slic3r:
The last year we scanned a friendly face,
In this year’s mesh we mixed and mashed.

All botch prints everywhere:
Smoke we on boards see
Have more of substance with chips fried
And lost of driver are we.
We have a spare for many a chip,
In many a box or bag–
A Pololu to every heart’s desire,
And now it prints for again.

Old models cast away,
Old printers cast aside,
The talk of yesterday,
Of things Mendelfied;
But bad prints thrown away
New voice of Kossel to call:
The eve of New Printer’s Day
Old Bots are lost to all.


3 Comments on New Years – The Old Printer Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    The old 3d printer is better in some functions than the new generation 3d printers.

  2. mnutsch says:

    What does the older model do better? They are both awesome machines, but the it sounds like the Mini Kossel (bottom image) is both faster and cheaper to build than the Prusa Mendel (top image). Thanks.

  3. ganter says:

    I don’t know that the older bot did anything better.

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