While everyone has been buzzing about the 3Doodler and especially the amazing success of their crowd-sourced financing, we thought that a little spoof was in order.


the world’s first 3D printing dough device

Many hacker and maker spaces have been exploring new 3D printing devices and systems.   We even spent quite a bit of time exploring new material systems.

We all come back to wanting to 3D print food.    Ever wanted a hand-held device that would allow you to make 3D creations at the touch of a button.

Introducing the 3Dougher…



3Dougher. This electric dough dispenser allows your to take your 3D cooking skills to new levels.  Simply load the 3Dougher with your favorite dough or toppings and squeeze the trigger.   You are off 3doughing.   Included with 3Dougher are 12 different extrusion discs and three nozzle tips for the ultimate 3Doughing experience.

This simple tigger will set you free…



Let your 3Doughing go wild:


3Dougher6 3Dougher5


This product has been in development for quite some time.   Shown below is one of the early manual test models.   As you can see, we come a long way to bring you the 3Dougher.



Why not 3Dough some liver pate’ (or crab spread) on a cracker?

{many web sites were raided to find these images to make this spoof possible.  please accept our 3D-polyogies}.

7 Comments on 3Dougher (spoof)

  1. Dust says:

    You should have waited 2.5 weeks for April 1st!

  2. ganter says:

    Yes but I just couldn’t take it anymore …

  3. Vintage, I like it… Thanks Mark for this touch of humor

  4. Press the design says:

    Well, if one used sugru and a delta bot frame one could come up with a more permanent 3d playdough solution. :-)

  5. ganter says:

    There are many materials that make syringe 3D printing fun and interesting — anything that comes in a caulking tube!
    Instead of using a 3Dougher, we would recommend any 12V electric caulking gun.

  6. Peter Szabo says:

    Awesome! I wish I could give it a try, it seems to be much better and more precise than the doodler. Fascinating concept.

  7. andreascolores says:

    In Spain the device is not yet known. It is cool.

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