How lovely are your driver chips…

We sneaked a peek  into the toy-land workshop (when the elves weren’t looking) or maybe there was a little too much holiday cheer.

What to our wandering (and wondering) eyes did appear?


Introducing the “BrainWave board” or the little orange board.   This is an all-in-one  3D printing bot board with support for 4 stepper motors, a heated extruder and a heated print bed.

As we looked around the workshop, we spied a pile of boards ready to be boxed to go out to good-little girls and boys.


We spied the easy-bake board baker ….


And the board tester…


The rumor has it that the orange BrainWave board was designed, fabbed, pick-and-placed and tested all  in the NW.   Way to go elves (especially the low price).  Thanks for making those bot wishes come true!

Ho, Ho, Ho…Holidaz

6 Comments on Oh Little Orange Board, Oh Little Orange Board

  1. Dave Z. says:

    I’ve been good this year – how do I get one? :-)

    I’d even give you some money. For real!

  2. ganter says:

    Dear Dave, if you’ve TRULY been good all year, then the elves at MetrixCreateSpace will be more than happy to help you. It is $100 MSRP + tax.

    We benchmark tested it this summer for a couple of weeks on a PrintrBot and it was very nice. It supports 1/32nd stepping so smoooooth. It is perfect for your stocking-bot.

    Lastly, make sure you drive it with not more than 12 volts (no laptop bricks sorry). It does support a separate power supply for the heated bed which is really great for the new 8.4×12.6 inch heated bed that popped down my chimney for an AirPrusa2.

    Make sure you print something special for Dina!

  3. Fernando says:

    This test machine did you make it? it’s interesting. Can you post more pics?

  4. Tom Barrett says:

    I’ve searched all over MetrixCreate:Space’s website and can’t find how to buy this board. Anyone else have luck?

  5. ganter says:

    Tom, you should contact Metrix directly. I word that I hear is that they are working hard to make it available.

  6. ganter says:

    Fernando, We at Open3DP did not create the test machine. The board designers/fabricators built the test device. Thus I can’t provide too much detail, sorry . I watched it test the first board to be sold commercially. We did beta testing of the board this summer for a couple of weeks.

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