After multiple groups have had multiple meetings, we are happy to report that we are in the process of being Open again.  Here’s a brief excerpt from the letter (I’ll post the whole letter tomorrow).

The UW is supportive of your efforts in founding and leading Open3DP, an open research community around 3D printing. Herein we confirm that:
• with respect to UW policies and practices, you have an ongoing right to administer
Open3DP, and
• UW faculty, staff, and students are free to contribute their work to this open research community under the Creative Commons License model you have chosen.

We also offer you guidance as the open research community grows, to manage related interactions of a more proprietary nature.

We thank you for your support of Open3DP!

9 Comments on Opening Up!

  1. Gary Hodgson says:

    Phew, that’s good news. Your last post did not bode well at all!

    Glad the Uni appears to see the mutual benefit of your efforts with open3dp!

  2. Matt Turner says:

    Awesome. Good news for all of us at UW who want to contribute to the “open research community.”

  3. Lysne Torgerson says:

    Hurray, they’ve seen sense!

  4. Kevin says:

    I know how hard it can be to get a bureaucracy to change their minds on anything, or to make any kind of exception. I am sure that you and your colleagues have done a considerable amount of work to make this happen. You deserve a loud vote of thanks from the whole open source community and the 3d printing group in particular!

  5. Li Yang says:

    That is indeed good news!

  6. […] Opening Up — earlier I covered the problems that University of Washington’s 3D printing lab had with the university’s new IP policy, which prevented them from being as open as they had been. They’ve been granted the ability to distribute their work under Creative Commons license and are taking their place again as a hub of the emerging 3D printing world. (via BoingBoing) […]

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