The STL files are now posted on GitHub as an Open3DP fork off of the Prusa tree.  They are to be considered Alpha release (and we are already working on some changes).   However, I am quite sure that you will be able to use them to print master forms to produce molds (because we have produced molds and we have used the molds to produce RepRaps).

First out of the gate…

According to the logs, it appears that Matt at Metrix Create Space has already taken the plunge and has started printing all of the forms (something like 9 hours and 37 minutes), then creating molds and lastly starting to cast parts.  Way to go Matt!!!

4 Comments on Clonedel files are up!

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  2. Tom Frisch says:

    Are these for SAE or metric prusa mendel?

  3. ganter says:

    Tom, the real answer is Yes! Because you drill almost all of the holes, you drill whatever you want (including mixed). Our cast parts end the SAE/Metric war.

  4. Matt says:

    But what about the pulley? Is it metric (T5) or SAE (0.2″)? I need to know what size belt to get!

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